Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Alfred Hitchcock


'Perhaps a rolling pin; a jungle knife brought back from the Amazon country years ago by the original owner who had traveled with Theodore Roosevelt; a dose of poison in the soup; a thin but strong cord across the top of the staircase...
Such was the grandeur of yesteryear, when murder was done with flair and imagination.
Of course we all recall the story of Lizzie Borden who took an ax and gave her parents forty whacks.
And then there was the gentleman on December 31, 1913, who stabbed his wife to death, dissected her body, and sent the pieces to friends and relatives with best wishes for a most enjoyable New Year.
The press would be much enlivened by a good garroting or a woman tied and left on a railroad track (of course, one would have to be sure the trains are still running).
I cannot promise such excitement in the future, but I can promise you a shudderingly good time in the pages to come.'


Blogger Deathdog said...

i gave that book to annie as a gift before i loved her..

7:05 PM  
Blogger Tim Connor said...

I love the excerpts. You have such a clear idea of what you like. And it's always so good & I always like it too.

It's too bad people don't seem to want to respond to blogs. I'm having that problem (mine's about photography mostly -- http://timconnor.blogspot.com). It becomes like talking to the darkness outside your window. Kind of thrilling when you say something really good but then sad because nobody answers & you're not even sure anybody heard.

4:59 PM  

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